electronic ignition: ( 750 und 850 )

To eliminate the multi-described insufficiency of the conventional ignition, the installation of an electronic ignition is recommended. Various models are available. The best known are Bransden Boyer, Pazos, and possibly on a vintage parts market, Lucas RITA. The installation is not for the hobbyist. Leave this your Norton dealer.

old airfilter: ( 850 )

Here, too, there are several reports according to which the black plastic air filter performance is not that nice. Shortly after the publication of MKIA or MkIIA models the plastic air filters were exchanged for the old metal air filter. The old metal air filter incl. all accessories can be ordered from known sources. However, since the main nozzle needs to be adjusted, this is also a job for the Norton dealer of your choice.

peashooter silencer: ( 850 )

If there is still a Norton with Black Cap Silencer in circulation, it is recommended to covert it to the Peashooter silencer. Together with the old air filter and new Jets a few previously hidden horses should show up. Apart from that, the Peashooter optically fit better to a Commando and help that there is only one tone, namely the Nor-tone. Again, the main nozzles need to be adjusted, so leave this up to your Norton dealer.

manifold without compensating tube: ( 850 )

This, introduced by the 850s engine "improvement" is not entirely uncontroversial. Certainly by the balance pipe the reduce of the acoustic emissions succeeded. Reports according to which the torque was raised slightly in the lower speed range through the balance pipe, could never be confirmed. Here the personal Gusto is the focus. If you love originality, you should leave the manifold with compensating tube. Who loves the Nor-tone, will opt for manifolds without compensating tube.

disc brakes: ( 750 und 850 )

For this purpose, the author lacks tof experience. Here's the place to express other Norton Commando fans experiences with the various available disc brake kits.

primary belt drive: ( 750 und 850 )

Unfortunately, for this purpose the author lacks tof experience. Here's the place to express other Norton Commando fans experiences.

Mk III Vernier Isolastic assembly: ( 750 und 850 )

For this purpose, the author lacks the experience. Here, other Norton Commando enthusiasts can reflect their experiences.