Norton Commando Fotos

Fastback, 750ccm, 1967 - 1973.

Features: "Fastback" from Fiberglass, saddle surrounds the tank, tachometer drive right (MkI), Norton Atlas exhaust (MkI), disc brake (MkIV). Availability: GOOD AVAILABLE MODEL, but some patience is required.

Fastback LR, 750ccm, 1971 - 1972

Features: "Fastback" from Fiberglass, Normal Saddle, larger tank in Norton Atlas style. Availability: VERY RARE MODEL. The model was built just 2 years. Most of the 400 units that had been built were exported to Australia.

R Type, 750ccm, 1969

Features: "Fastback without Fastback" Normal saddle, 10 liter tank, Norton Atlas silencer, Colors: Red or Blue, High raised handlebars. Only on the very last examples the ignition is sitting on the camshaft. Availability: EXTREMELY RARE model, which is found only in USA.

S-Type, 750ccm Motor, built 1969 - 1971

Features: Elevated Exhaust with heat protection on the left, little tank with distinctive indents, crash bar, quilted saddle surface. Availability: RARE MODEL. Will be offered from time to time. Exhaust system available as an accessory. Pay attention to originality! Mind the year and engine number!

SS-Type, 750ccm, 1970 - 1971

Features: Left and right raised exhaust with heat protection. Raised front mudguard, little tank. Quilted saddle surface. Availability: EXTREMELY RARE MODEL. Is offered scarcely. Pay attention to originality! Mind the year and engine number!

Production Racer, 750ccm

Features: Yellow color, trim, disc brakes, lifted Norton Atlas exhaust. Availability: RAREST MODEL EVER. Originals will not be given away. No offers on the open market. Prices start at approx. 25000 GBP for ORIGINALS. The Norvil replica is available today. WARNING! In this model more applicable than in all other models: ABSOLUTELY MINDORIGINALITY! If this model is offered as original, an expert must be consulted.

Roadster, 750ccm, 1969 - 1973. 850ccm, 1973 - 1977

Features: Small tank with distinctive indents, quilted saddle surface, the 1972 model with Combat engine, from 1973 with 828ccm engine from 1975 Electric Start. Availability: GOOD AVAILABLE MODEL. Commando Roadster are always available.

Hi-Rider, 750ccm, 1971 - 1973. 850ccm, 1973 - 1975

Features: High raised handlebars, special saddle, sissy bar. Availability: VERY RARE MODEL. The Hi-Rider was mainly exported to the USA, where they should defy Harley choppers. Is rarely offered. Mind originality.

Interstate, 750ccm, 1972 - 1973. 850ccm, 1973 - 1975

Features: Large tank (early models 24 liters Fiberglass, later 20 liter steel), low-lying Pencil Style Exhaust for early models. Availability: GOOD AVAILABLE MODEL. Commando Interstate are always available.

Interpol, 750ccm, 1970 - 1973. 850ccm, 1973 - 1976

Features: White trom with one lamp, High windscreen, side and / or rear luggage, Siren, special lights, police radio. Availability: RARE MODEL, which is hardly available. If it is, in "civilized" version, without radio, siren, and a special lighting system. Offered occasionally in England.

John Player Norton, 850ccm, very rare: 750ccm Short Stroke Engine, 1974 - 1975

Features: White trim with red and blue stripes, twin headlights, solo seat, tail with Special Union Jack, moved back forward controls, black exhaust. Availability: VERY RARE MODEL. Originals are hardly available. More Replicas available as originals. Originals are sold with the originality certificate. The short stroke 750ccm engine is about as rare as an original production racer. Again: Be sure to call in an expert!

Mk.lll Electric Start, 850ccm, 1975 - 1978

Features: Gear lever left, brake lever right, Electrical "starter" New primary cover, front disc brake left, brake caliper on the fork frontside, Vernier Isolastics system, rear disc brake. Availability: GOOD AVAILABLE MODEL. MkIII are offered as roadster and interstate. Despite all the changes, the MkIII E / S is the most unpopular Commando model.