"Norton Commando" from Mick Duckworth

ISBN 1-84425-021-0


This book covers the history of the Norton Commando from its beginnings to the days after the official end of production. Mick Duckworth treated here every model, every change, every innovation in every detail. If someone is interested in the history of the Norton Commando, this is the right book for him. Although there have been some very good books on Norton, Mick Duckworth has done his homework thoroughly. There have beem treated even some aspects which have never been recorded before.

Short reports from owners of a Norton Commando, references to the parts and accessories scene, and first-class interviews Duckworth 'with former employees and unsung heroes like Bob Rawley and Richard Negus complete the book.

Briefly, this book is for Norton Commando enthusiastic fan worth every penny!

"The Essential Buyers Guide Norton Commando" from Peter Henshaw

ISBN 1-84584-281-2

"The Essential Buyers Guide" by Peter Henshaw is extremely interesting for those who want to buy a used a Norton Commando for the first time. It contains a good decision support with valuable tips; The technical details are not shown that precise. The book provides good evidence that should be considered when purchasing a Norton Commando, and where the weak points of the Norton Commando lie.   

If you are buying a Norton Commando for the first time, do not believe you are, after you have read the book an absolute expert, that no one can fool. The book can only assiste you to sort out the rotten eggs.   

 Anyway true for newcomers: ... Seek advice from a specialist ... No book can replace the experience and knowledge of your Norton dealer.


"Norton Commando: Ultimate Portfolio" from R.M. Clarke

ISBN 1-85520-570-X

The book "Norton Commando Ultimate Portfolio" includes contemporary tests of the different Norton Commando models from 1968 to 2000. Some of the tests are interesting to read because they reflect an idea of how the different models have been perceived by the former motorcycle press. In general, the press was thrilled of the Commando at the beginning, towards the end of the term of the Commando there were only derogatory, and unjustified criticism of the Commando.

As a pleasant side effect of this contemporary reports the contemporary photos had to be mentioned. The ambitious Commando driver recognizes on these how his "predecessor" were then dressed. Even fashion trends in motorcycle clothing of the time can be identified upon closer inspection.

This book belongs in the "nice to have" category.

"Haynes: Norton Commando Owners Workshop Manual"

ISBN 0-85696-125-6

The Haynes Norton Commando Manual provides step-by-step instructions from simple maintenance to complete engine overhaul. Some photos facilitate orientation. The Haynes repair manuals are written pleasing and easy to understand.

Who wants to screw himself on his Commando, is well served by this book.